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10 May 2011, 16:30:21

Sir David Attenborough taking the words right out of my mouth.

Video of Sir David Attenborough's address to the Royal Society of the Arts on 'People and Planet'.

A mirror of my own thoughts and ideas (yet maybe not such a radical population reduction plan as my own) for many years. Almost every part of our lives is being degraded by the over population of our country and the rest of the planet. Not least the continual destruction of the natural world which is well past breaking point in most parts of the world. The bit I still can't quite get to grips with is why haven't governments of the world even talked about the issue? It's not as though it's just become a problem now but has been out of control for as long as I can remember. The answer can only be money. Less tax fodder means less duck houses and less mep's jobs with expenses, or maybe as Sir David says in his speech, more younger people working to keep the increasing aged population. These are the only reasons I can come up with.

If you are like minded or would just like more information about the over population problem then follow this link to Population Matters.


7 February 2011, 20:13:06

Canon announces new SLR's, lenses and flashes.

Canon have announced today the arrival of the EOS 1100D and EOS 600D.

Also announced today are some interesting additions to the range of flashes, confirmation of the new 500mm and 600mm lenses to be available in June, the development of a new 200-400 f4 IS with integral 1.4x converter lens and much more. Follow the link for the full story.

Canon UK Consumer News.


25 January 2011, 18:09:31

Making a living again.

There comes a time in a Blokes life when after five years of mostly taking wildlife photo's that you have to go back to making a living again. Basically the bank balance needs to head in a Northerly direction instead of southerly like it has for the past few years.

In that vein I've decided to take a look at the very competitive Internet trading business to see if it is possible to make a modest living for myself from home. This will hopefully enable me to continue my photography and keep the website updated as often as it is now.

At the moment I am dipping my toe in into the market in a few different ways and the first being with the addition of the Amazon Shop and Amazon adverts on the Wildlife Imaging web pages. So please feel free to link to the Amazon Marketplace via my Amazon Shop or adverts and do your purchasing at no extra cost to yourself. I am also using my website and other online shopping web sites selling photography related Products that I use myself. It is so much easier to honestly and hole heartedly recommend equipment to other people that you use every day and have tried and tested to your own satisfaction. Example:-

Over the past few months I have spent quit a lot of time and effort researching the image processing side of my photography. As with most photographers taking the images is the enjoyable bit about photography but processing them leaves a lot to be desired. I had got to a stage where I wasn't looking forward to getting in front of the computer to review the days shoot. Everything was just taking too long and it took hours just to do a handful of images and not everything turned out as I hoped, especially on those occasions when I wanted to print out the finished image. It used to take ages and lots of wasted photo paper to get it looking somewhere near. So I basically stopped printing out images unless it was really necessary. It was time to change things.

First of all I got a new PC that could run my newly upgraded photo editing software at speed and at the same time researched and purchased a proper photo-editing screen. The difference was mind blowing. Why hadn't I done it months ago. The speed and ease of photo processing and editing had made the whole job a joy again. The next step was a slight mistake but was heading me in the right direction. This was to buy a monitor calibration tool. Fabulous the screen looked a treat, and my images too. But when it came to printing it was still a relative disaster as what ever I did my prints just didn't look like the images on the screen. More research and problem solved. Enter the ColorMunki Photo and in minutes everything was sorted.

Now I'm happy as Larry to process my images and most of all I'm enjoying it again - even printing images!

Hopefully if I find the time I intend to review in detail the equipment I use as well as offering them for sale on the website so watch this space. But for now I will add various items for sale that I recommend and use myself that I hope may help you improve your own photography experience.



12 January 2011, 19:09:31

Hands off our Forests.

My old Mate (meaning I've known him a while not that I think he is very old) Andy Carey sent me an email the other day telling me about two campaigns that are trying to save our Forest regions. If you didn't already know the government are planning to sell off the Uk Forests to help pay for the deficit caused by the banking industry and government mismanagement.

Time was (in my mind anyway) that most politicians had our best interests at heart and that you should trust their judgment on all things. But these days, especially after all the revelations (wholesale thieving from the public purse by mp's and the banking fiasco both without real retribution to the perpetrators) we should all know that this is very far from the truth and that you should not trust them any more than you would a catholic priest offering a small boy a sweetie. They are both out to do some shafting, financial or otherwise. What I'm getting at here is don't believe the politicians that say it will all be ok and things won't change much, because they will and the Forest areas as we know them will be changed forever. It all boils down to getting themselves out of the poo at our expense again. So what can we do to help change their minds and see sense?

Join the ranks trying to save a little bit of our countryside that is still left reasonably unspoiled. Follow the two links below and sign the petitions that may just help make a difference. You can follow other links from these web pages to find out what has been happening in the campaigns so far and how you may be able to help the cause further.

Hands Off Our Forest

38 Degrees

Sorry for going on a bit but it does make my blood boil. I've spent many very happy days over the years in the Forest of Dean, enjoying the great outdoors, and the thought of not being able to freely roam in those same areas in the future is not something I relish. Many of my Images on the website came from there too and I've got many more in mind to take in the future.


31 December 2010, 21:55:41

By the way .... Happy New Year!!



31 December 2010, 21:35:26

Black Swan Images.

I've managed to find a bit more time today to go through pics that I took in Australia. I found six Beautiful Black Swan pics taken in late afternoon light which has made them that little bit more special. I also added another Robin in the snow picture as well.

Don't know how the weather is with you but it's been grey and foggy all week at Hereford so the chance of any quality photography has been out of the question. I've got thousands of wildlife photo's taken in poor light so don't really need any more thanks. Come on sunshine!

Black Swan October 2010.

Click on the Image to go straight to the Black Swan Image Gallery.


29 December 2010, 22:51:26

More Australian Images.

I've managed to find an hour or so to go through some more pics that I took in Australia during September and October. There are three more species in the Australia Gallery one being the Cape Barren Goose with seven new images.

Cape Barren Goose close-up October 2010.

I have seen these beauties at Slimbridge in the captive section before but to see them in the wild was amazing. They are very confiding, as long as you kept a comfortable distance or stay in the car. And as you can see they have the most adorable little faces and make the sweetest little noises when quietly grazing or sitting down in the grass. I must admit I did spend quite a while watching them whenever I saw some. Lovely.

Click on the Image to go straight to the Cape Barren Goose Image Gallery.


22 December 2010, 00:06:26

RSS Feeds and Save/Share links.

Yes I'm getting into the 21st Century with all guns blazing at the moment. I've tried to add feeds to the Website in the past but failed. So today with the weather stopping me from leaving the house I spent the time sorting it all out. Yes I know that there are Companies out there that can do it all for you but I like to be in control of these things. Yes, so it took me all day to get two pages with feeds on, but I'm well chuffed. The home page and the new News page have the feeds so that when I post more pictures or something newsworthy happens you can be one of the first to find out.

So now I've gone to all that trouble don't be shy. Subscribe to my feeds to keep you up to speed with what's happening on the Website!


21 December 2010, 23:42:26

Welcome to the new wildlife Imaging News Page.

Yes I know I did start the News Blog when I went to Australia but that was just an easy way for me to relay to the world some of my news from Down-under. But now I'm back home and settled I've decided to carry on posting periodic newsworthy items but actually on my Website I may leave the Blog up and running just incase I go off on a trip again sometime because it's so much easier to post on that than take the complete suite of software I use to do the Website. Lets just hope I can find something to write about now....


They are everywhere at the moment and giving everybody the opportunity to photograph the most photogenic birds I've ever come across. You just can't fail to take a brilliant picture of these birds. Make the most of them though as we may not see them again for a few years if the weather and the Waxwing's normal food supply get back to normal.

Waxwing on an ornamental Rowan - Hereford December 2010

Just click on the image to go straight to the Image Gallery to see more fabulous Waxwings.


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